Light Pollution Meter PRO
Handheld and PC based monitoring sky brightness in ONE meter!
Take this meter with you on a journey or use as a stationary device in the observatory.
> Narrow-field sky meter with built-in lens;
> High-precision and stable readings;
> Handheld and stationary usage with PC;
> Easy to use software;
> Measures the brightness of the night sky in magnitudes per square arcsecond;
> Infrared blocking filter restricts measurement to visual bandpass;
> Reliable electronic optical unit;
> Voltage step-up converter for stable power supply from deeply discharged  buttery;
> Power-saving features (automatically shutdown after 10 s of inactivity);
> Reverse battery protection;
> Full metal body (black anodized aluminum);
> Mounting on a tripod possible without any additional parts (1/4” threaded hole);
> Based on popular TSL237 sensor.
> Find out how good the night or site really is;
> Compare the sky brightness at different sites;
> Document the evolution of light pollution in your area;
> Monitor sky brightness continuously night-to- night, year-to-year;
> Determine greatest nights for finding the faintest DSO;
> Use the software to collect, analyze and store readings;
> Draw light pollution maps based on the received data;
> Investigate correlations between different astronomical events and sky brightness;
> Take this meter with you on a journey or use as stationary device in the observatory;
> The system is initially calibrated, but the basic constant can be easily changed using   
special software commands.
Internal Structure
1.  Lock ring
2.  Lens
3.  UV-IR Cut filter
4.  Front panel
5.  Internal PCB with microcontroller, sensor and display
6.  Measure button
7.  Device housing
Connect to your PC
Use a special USB->Serial cable from your standard kit.
Follow simple instructions in the user guide.
You can mount your LPM PRO on photographic tripod.
No additional parts required. Standard 1/4" threaded hole.
Collect, analyze and store readings
Standard utility is easy to use. Select appropriate COM port, set timer interval and press "START" button.
Readings and chart will be displayed on the screen. Choose the "SAVE" option if you need to collect and store data.

Saved files may be easily imported into third-party software for detailed analysis. Microsoft Excel™ is a great solution. Build charts, use mathematical calculations, export data to different formats and do much more!
Sensor :
Optical filter, wavelength :
Lens: angle of view :
Meter precision :
PC connection :
Display :
Body material :
Power source :
Physical size :
Weigth :
Default Package :
500 ± 5 nm
≈ 10°
±0.10 mag/arcsec2
USB->Serial cable (1.2 m) based on PL2303 chip
4-digit 7-segment LED display (red)
Aluminum (surface anodized)
10440 type Li-ion battery (350 mAh) with 5V step-up unit
70 mm x 70 mm x 30 mm
170 g
LPM PRO, USB->Serial cable, QR-coded link to user manual
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Light Pollution Meter PRO
Handheld and PC based monitoring sky brightness
in ONE meter! The device is shipped in a safe metal box.